Monday, July 05, 2010

Old news: Darryl settled his case...

It seems that Darryl knew that he was gonna get his ass kicked if he went 2 court, so he settled.

If he was innocent, why did he settle?


He basically got punked by the city!!


Article & link is from The G'boro News & Record.


Strip club owner to close business in a deal with Greensboro

Friday, May 7, 2010
(Updated 11:23 pm)

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File photo (News & Record)

Photo Caption: A privacy fence in October beside the Bare Villa club, previously known as Sugar Bare Lost Dimensions.

GREENSBORO — The city has settled its public nuisance lawsuit filed against a strip club and bar complex.

The lawsuit centered on a nightclub at 510 Farragut St. The nightclub used various names over the past eight years, including Sugar Bares, Lost Dimensions and Nikita’s.

The city filed a lawsuit in January that included statements from undercover officers who said they witnessed dancers openly engaging in and soliciting prostitution during a seven-month investigation of the club last year.

The city also alleged the club has been the site of many criminal investigations, including two homicides and numerous 911 calls since 2001.

In the settlement, the defendants admitted no wrongdoing.

Darryl McCarroll, the operator of the business, has agreed to close the business and not operate a bar or sexually-oriented business in Guilford County in the future, according to a news release from the city.

Land owner Clarence Ray Jernigan has agreed to not allow a sexually-oriented business to operate on his property for the next seven years.


He shouldn't feel bad, though. He still has another 'ho-house in W-S, NC!!


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