Sunday, May 02, 2010

Darryl's tryin' 2 settle his case...

Well, well, well...

It looks like Darryl is doing the smart thing & settlin' w/ the city. I guess he must b scared. Even he's not arrogant enough 2 go 2 court w/ the shit that they have on the club.

I know he's probably tellin' folks that he has "the hook up downtown," or whatever.

Here's the story below & here.


Settlement discussed in city's lawsuit against strip club

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
(Updated 3:36 pm)

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File photo (News & Record)

Photo Caption: A privacy fence in October beside the Bare Villa club, previously known as Sugar Bare Lost Dimensions.

GREENSBORO – Lawyers are negotiating a possible settlement in the city’s case against a strip club and bar complex targeted for closure as a nuisance.

Attorneys for both the city and for Darryl McCarroll, owner of Bare Villa and Nakitas Playhouse, and Clarence Jernigan, owner of the building at 512 Farragut St., discussed a possible settlement this morning in Guilford County Superior Court.

Among the proposals are stipulations that McCarroll would not operate a sexually oriented business or bar in Guilford County and Jernigan wouldn’t allow another sexually oriented business to operate at the property.

Attorneys said an agreement was in place as recently as last week, but they have since had problems agreeing on specific terms such as possible time limitations on the bans and whether the city would support another business obtaining an ABC permit to serve alcohol on Jernigan’s property.

Superior Court Judge Ronald Spivey has allowed both sides to continue their negotiations throughout the day to reach a tentative agreement and avoid a jury trial.

But if an agreement is reached, it must be approved by the City Council, and the city’s lawyers said it would be difficult to get such an approval at tonight’s council meeting.

Jernigan’s lawyer said his client is concerned about waiting until May for the council’s approval, citing a desire to obtain a new tenant at the location.

The city filed a lawsuit in January that included statements from undercover officers who said they witnessed dancers openly engaging in and soliciting prostitution during a seven-month investigation of the club last year.

The city also alleges the club has also been the site of many criminal investigations, including two homicides and numerous 911 calls since 2001.

State law allows municipalities to take civil action to close businesses that are deemed a public nuisance.


I guess Darryl will go down in local history as the ONLY person to DESTROY the "grandfather clause" 4 a strip club in the city.

Thanks, Darryl...


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