Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Platinum Cabaret... WTF?

Um, not 2 b a "killjoy" or anything, but isn't Platinum Cabaret WAAAAAY 2 close 2 Christie's Cabaret 2 b legal?

I mean, really, it's so close that u can throw a rock @ Christie's & not only hit it, but aim specifically at a window or door if ya like!

I heard that it belongs 2 Johnny Walters (Music City, where he lost his liquor license, La Frontera & Copa Roca, which were ALSO illegal. Doug Adkins own Copa Roca now), & u know how he does bizness.

An adult biz (Unless it's grandfathered in, & that spot where Platinum is ISN'T and NEVER has been an adult bizness!) has 2 b 1000 ft away from another adult biz as well as 1000 ft away from a church, school, & residential area.

I don't think Platinum is 100 ft away from Christie's!

I know Christie's is HOT about that!

Let's c what happens w/ this!

Stay tuned, pervs...

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