Monday, March 29, 2010


Whoa! It's been 4ever since I've posted something!

I've been busy tryin'2 make $$ in this "Great Depression II!"

Let's c what's been up in G'boro thus far...

1) Darryl & Lost Dimensions/Sugar Bares/Nikita's Playroom/Whorehouse/Liquor House has been closed down. FINALLY. He's supposed 2 challenge the city in court, but if he does, he's a bigger IDIOT than I thought.

They busted ya dude. Take your ass-whoopin' like a man.

Oh BTW, what ever happened 2 Costa Rica?

2) The Players Club got busted on a alcohol violation & lost their liquor license 4 a time. Sellin' liquor after-hours: DUMB! They think that they'll make $$$ of that shit.


3) Chester's is supposed 2 b goin' through some changes 2 bring in more $$$.


4) Christie's Cabaret has reduced itself 2 bringin' some BUTT-ASS UGLY GIRLS & TRAILER TRASH thinking that they r goin' 2 make $$$ off of them.

5) Platinum Dollz is supposed 2 b LAX soon if not already again (sans Natalie) because, like I said b4, there was NO WAY that the "Upscale Crowd" (i.e. White Folks) were gonna come down 2 MLK 2 c some ASS!

6) The Gold Club is bitchin' because it's not making the $$$ that it thought it would here. They also go through staff like TIGER WOODS goes through PUSSY! No one stays 4 long! Especially managers!! What the HELL were u thinkin', GC? There's a RECESSION GOIN" ON!!!

More shit later...

No fuckin' in the VIP, please!

P.S.: I'm baaaaaaack...

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