Thursday, January 21, 2010

The SHIT has officially HIT THE FAN! Darryl's goin' DOWN!!

Well, well, well...

Darryl's 9 lives has finally run out!

What Darryl & "Lost Dimensions (Which was really a strip club owned by Harold Hadnott & his wrastlin' partner, Mark)/Sugar Bares/Nikita's Playroom" were doin' was runnin' a butt-ass nekkid tittie bar w/ a FULL LIQUOR LICENSE!


You can't have butt-ass nekkidness w/ liquor sold @ the bar. This ain't The ATL!

I guess Darryl's strategy of havin' "The White Boyz" (2 brothers, Roger & Cliff) as they r known, as his "front men" didn't help a damn bit.

You can always count on Ben Holder aka The Troublermaker 2 get ahold of any legal documents & whatnot about the situation. I don't know how he does it!

Here's Darryl tryin' 2 talk his way out of the bullshit he put himself in w/ News 2 below (Vid courtesy of News 2):

He's foolin' himself if he thinks he's gettin' away w/ this shit. & w/ Nina Black up in the mix, u KNOW that the shit stinks! Everybody says that Darryl knows 2 much shit on people 4 this 2 happen.

What does that mean?

R they sayin' that Darryl's willin' 2 SNITCH or RAT his way out of this? If he had that much juice, then why is he in this jam in the 1st place?

From what I read over @ Ben's blog, it's an airtight case. They had "Undercover" (pun intended) in there 4 quite awhile according 2 the cops. I've actually been in Nikita's once or twice during the weekend & let me tell u, there's no need 4 doors or anything in that place. The rooms r not out in plain view & they have a bouncer guardin' the entrance. 4 "privacy." For Christ's sake, they used 2 have a FULL BED in the "Butt Nekkid Room!"


U can find links about this bullshit here, here, & here.

1 of the actual articles is below (Article courtesy of The News & Record):


Greensboro files lawsuit to shut down bar, strip club

Thursday, January 21, 2010
(Updated 1:54 pm)

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File photo (News & Record)

Photo Caption: A privacy fence in October beside the Bare Villa club, previously known as Sugar Bare Lost Dimensions.

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    510 Farragut St., Greensboro, NC

GREENSBORO — The city filed a civil lawsuit Wednesday to shut down a strip and nightclub complex where police say strippers have been engaging in prostitution and owners are violating state alcohol laws.

The clubs’ owner said he feels he is being unfairly targeted and looks forward to fighting the case in court.

Following numerous criminal complaints since 2001 and a seven-month undercover police investigation, the city is trying to close Bare Villa nightclub and Nakitas Play House, a strip club, both at 510 Farragut St.

The two clubs, which operate under one roof, are owned by Sugar Bare Entertainment. Until recently, the clubs were known as Lost Dimensions strip club and Bares Den nightclub.

“The message needs to be sent that if you are going to operate a sexually oriented business, you need to follow the guidelines and statute that are set forward,” police Chief Tim Bellamy said.

“Where unlawful acts occur that threaten the health and safety of this community, GPD is committed to acting aggressively to resolve the matter,” Bellamy said.

A judge has issued a temporary restraining order against both the business owner and property owner that prohibits any illegal activity at the clubs until a court hearing Jan. 28.

According to court documents and police officials, clubs at 510 Farragut St. have been the subject of nearly 60 serious police calls since 2001.

Most notably, the club has been the site of two homicides since 2007.

The most recent — the fatal shooting on April 12, 2009, of 30-year-old Carlton Smith — prompted a renewed interest by city leaders to consider closing the club through state nuisance abatement laws.

According to an affidavit, several undercover officers from the Greensboro Police Department and other agencies have visited the club multiple times since July.

In sworn statements, officers detailed sexual acts they witnessed the strippers performing with each other and patrons.

Officers also said the dancers solicited them for sex in special rooms at the clubs.

Officer statements also said they were able to move freely between the Bares Den, which had a valid state ABC license, and Lost Dimensions, the strip club located in the same building, which did not.

By allowing such activity, the owner would be violating state and local laws that govern alcohol sales and sexually oriented businesses.

Darryl McCarroll, the club owner, said the police department’s and the city’s actions are misguided.

“If they noticed something like (these allegations), they could have brought it to our attention earlier,” McCarroll said.

“We investigate things going on in our business, and we ensure we are following the statutes. It’s unfortunate that they had to use taxpayer money with something to try and close us,” McCarroll said, “when they should be trying to help us keep open. Gestapo tactics are in effect.”

The city’s and the police department’s concerns about the clubs aren’t new. In 2007, city leaders discussed a possible nuisance abatement case against the business, but nothing was done after the district attorney’s office declined to pursue the matter, saying that was the city legal department’s job.

The issue resurfaced last spring after Smith’s death. That prompted a presentation from Bellamy and Capt. Chris Walker about problems with the clubs and the unveiling of a plan to clean up crime in the Randleman Road corridor.

Walker said Wednesday that McCarroll has been warned repeatedly to clean up crime at the clubs.

“We did everything that we could over the past year and a half (that I have been over the southern district) to work with them,” Walker said. “If criminal activity is going to continue, we are going to work and put it to a stop.”

Douglas Smith, the father of Carlton Smith, said he supports any action that will help the community.

“I know closing it is not going to bring my son back, but if it could keep another family from what we’re going through ... then yes, it needs to be closed down,” Douglas Smith said.


Now businesses in the area r voicin' their joy @ this!

He should have stayed in the background & let his "front men" do the work. Now he's all over the news, thinkin' he can talk his way out of this.

Stay tuned 4 more shit 2 hit than fan...

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