Tuesday, September 22, 2009

LAX = N Club? Whaaaaat?

Rumor is the people from the N Club in Downtown G'boro (meaning Rocco Scarfone) is in the process of buying LAX on MLK from the owners there.


If Rocco wants 2 spend some $$$ (& I heard the fetching price is between $190,000.00 - $210,000.00), I'll be more than happy 2 show him how 2 do it 4 far less than he's payin' 4 LAX.

NO WAY is LAX worth that much, especially since the building DOESN'T come w/ it!

The owners of LAX MIGHT have spent $40,000.00 - $50,000.00 2 open that place. But, if Rocco is dumb enough 2 pay that, then more power 2 LAX 4 pullin' off a major snowjob on Rocco & The N Club. Especially since Natalie (The GM) has been running it as an "after-hour" spot 2 look "kewl" 4 the "dope boyz" & since their recent ALE violation.

Also, if Rocco think he can get the "downtown crowd" (i.e. white folks) 2 come 2 MLK 4 ass-shakin' fun, HE'S CRAZY!!

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