Sunday, June 28, 2009

Texas appeals to keep strip club 'pole tax'...

This whole "stripper tax" is just a way 4 greedy-ass politicians 2 get their hands on some more $$$.

It's WRONG & it's BULLSHIT!!

The tax was ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL
, but these IDIOTS r still trying 2 get their hands on more $$$.

Like the more than $12 million they've ALREADY COLLECTED (Illegally, I might add!) isn't enough!

Read some more of this bullshit below and here:


Texas appeals to keep strip club 'pole tax'

Texas Attorney General, Comptroller appealing to Supreme Court over $5 entrance fee

— Texas officials are fighting to keep a $5 entrance fee at strip clubs, asking the state Supreme Court to overrule lower courts that found it unconstitutional.

Lawyers for Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and state Comptroller Susan Combs filed the appeal with the Supreme Court on Thursday.

The 2-year-old law was meant to fund programs assisting victims of sexual assault. More than $12 million has been collected so far but that money has been held in an account pending the outcome of the legal battle.

In a 2-1 ruling last week, the Austin-based 3rd Court of Appeals said the tax improperly singles out a form of expression, nude dancing, for regulation.


In this "Great Depression 2", all of these fools r trying 2 get the $$$ they would've ripped off the citizens from the strip clubs now.



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