Sunday, June 28, 2009

More Dancers Turn Themselves In After Strip Club Bust...

This was truly STUPID.

& right in my "own backyard," so 2 speak. They KNOW how the cops r when it comes 2 strip clubs around here & they STILL FUCKED UP!


You can read the original here.


More Dancers Turn Themselves In After Paradise Club Bust

Graham, NC -- After a four-month investigation called "Operation Paradise Lost", the Alamance County Sheriff's Department issued arrest warrants for 12 people, including dancers and owners of the "Paradise Club."

Together, they're charged with a total of 703 charges. About 430 of those charges are filed against the two people authorities say operate the "Paradise Club", Ronald Lee Davis and Theresa Murray Davis.

Thursday afternoon seven of the people, including the Davis', were in custody. Deputies were still looking for several dancers.

A spokesman for the Alamance County Sheriff's Department says at least three additional dancers after turned themselves in since the bust, which is rather unusual according to the department.

The 703 charges include 228 violations of the county's ordinance regulating a sexually-oriented business; 349 alcohol violations; 23 drug-related counts; 43 violations related to ABC licensing.

The county filed a temporary restraining order and permanent injunction Thursday.

The Sheriff posted a notice of nuisance abatement on the club. More than 50 law enforcement officers executed three search warrants. They searched the club on Highway 87 South, and the mobile home and house next door.

What led to the charges and search?

The investigation began in February as detectives began looking at illegal drug distribution happening out of the Paradise Club, an adult entertainment club.

Detectives say various criminal activities including drug dealing and murder have taken place in the club or on the premises.

"I describe it as an 'outlaw club,'" said Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson.

For years, deputies have responded to numerous complaints and community tips of illegal activities and drugs being sold from the Paradise Club by dancers and patrons.

The Alamance County Sheriff's Office used two undercover officers from Person County to buy marijuana and cocaine. The undercover officer had to become members of the club. During the operation, the officers witnessed other illegally activity.

Johnson said his agency tried twice in the past to conduct undercover investigations, but he was told there was nothing illegal found.

The Alamance County Sheriff's Office, along with other agencies, dedicated 840 man hours in this investigation and spent $3,100 for undercover costs.

What happens next?

The sheriff planned to shut off the electricity to the club to help preserve the evidence.

More charges are possible after Thursday's search.

"We're hoping to be able to seize lots of records, possibility of cash, maybe even drugs. The biggest thing we want is records. I think this investigation, before its all over with, will go even deeper than just the "Paradise Club," Johnson said.

The first nuisance abatement hearing is scheduled for June 12.

The county might be able to seize and sell the property. Money from the sell of any property would likely go to the Alamance-Burlington School System.


Over 700 charges?!!

This makes ALL strip clubs LOOK BAD!!

Now these IDIOTS want 2 settle the case.

& why would the owner pay a dancer 4 sex?!

& 4 only $30.00?
What is she, a CRACK-HEAD?!

He's the OWNER (Married, no less! )!! He's supposed 2 get it 4 free!

& I'm sorry, but these r some of the UGLIEST & HOMELIEST dancers I've seen in all of my years working strip clubs! Check'em out here. OUCH!!

I know times r bad, but DAMN!!!

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