Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stormy Daniels got punched out?

They (& she) say that Stormy Daniels was punched by some asshole!

I'm thinkin' it was @ a club she was dancing @ (I'm assuming she was feature-dancing, though she doesn't give any details on that.).

Stormy Daniels

Stormy bein' SEXY!


From her Twitter page:

"Tonight was a first...never had a grown man punch me in the face for no reason before...don't worry, he looks worse than me! about 5 hours ago from web

No clue why he did it..he wasn't arrested because I fought back and also would have to be arrested! WTF! Since when is self defense a crime? about 4 hours ago from web

I have a bruise on my cheek bone, but I broke his nose...I think I won that one...and @m0nster_one did a number on him after me about 4 hours ago from web"


I don't condone violence on a woman, EVER!!

If it happened @ a club, where was the fuckin' security @ when it happened?

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