Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Strip Club Violence in The Triad...

WTF is up w/ all of the violence goin' on in some strip clubs in G'boro?

There have been numerous shootings @ The Players Club on High Point Rd. which I have talked about @ length on this blog.

& now, Sugar Bares (The Old "Lost Dimensions") had a shooting & a killing there in recent weeks.

Can this shit get any worse?!

Will this affect other strip clubs in the area?

I doubt it. From what my "sources" have said on the subject, ALOT of this has to do w/ letting just anyone in the club & securing your parking lot.

I hope this doesn't affect other strip clubs in the area or The City Council won't need zoning 2 shut'em down.

They'll get shut down as a nuisance.

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