Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Players Club: Damn, y'all!!

Oh Players Club, Oh Players Club, Where for art thou, Players Club?

This is why u don't let kids in a strip club (The kid that was shot was only 17 yrs. old. The legal age 2 enter a strip club 4 patrons is 18 yrs. old.), they tend 2 start sh*t. If I owned a strip club, the age 2 enter would b @ least 25 yrs. of age.

Word is that it's closed 4 good. I guess he should have kept The Platinum Club open @ that location, but those Black $$$ (The Players Club had a mostly Black clientele. Not 2 b racist or anything, just truthful.) were just 2 much 4 Johnny 2 turn down..

@ least Johnny still has Copa Roca Cantina on Sands Dr..

Hey, where IS Johnny in all of this??


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