Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Happy 2-Year Anniversary (Belated, of course)


I was soooo busy w/ other shit going on in my life, that I totally forgot about my own 2-Year Anniversary of this blog.


I have some thing in the works that will change my life (financially) 4 the better (I hope!).

There's still shit 2 write about on this industry & I have been expanding my experience in2 South Carolina (X-tened liquor hrs.) & Virginia (No topless up there.)

I will say that I didn't expect 2 have well over 27,000 hits of people reading this blog.

I guess people like what I have 2 say.

I'll make ya a deal, u keep readin' & I'll keep bloggin' as long as I have Internet access (Or the World ends, which ever comes 1st.)

Happy 2-Year Anniversary!!!

Nice ass...

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