Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sex Tape Star Ray J To Shoot, Narrate Porn Film...

Can u believe this bullshit?

His singing carrer must b going real well.


Sex Tape Star Ray J To Shoot, Narrate Porn Film

Porn Valley- Whitney Houston's toyboy Ray J is set to become a porn mogul after confirming he has accepted an offer to direct and narrate an X-rated sex film. The R&B singer filmed a sex session with ex-girlfriend, socialite Kim Kardashian last year, and the footage found its way into the hands of bosses at porn company Vivid Entertainment, who offered the star the chance to film others getting hot and heavy.

Ray J has refused to confirm he'll be working with Vivid bosses, but he is serious about taking charge of a proper porn film - even though family members and friends think it's a terrible idea.


Ray J, u r a DUMBASS!!

That tape u did w/ Kim SUCKED (Even though she did have a PHAT ASS!)!!

Just sing, fool.

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