Thursday, June 21, 2007

Iowa man arrested for not paying for lap dances...

I got a kick over this.

Usually when a patron doesn't pay 4 a lapdance, the bouncers either make him cough it up or kick his ass.


Iowa man arrested for not paying for lap dances
CEDAR RAPIDS - Joseph T. Parrott, 20, is accused of receiving eight lap dances at The Lumberyard II in Cedar Rapids and then not paying for them, court records show. Parrott of West Burlington was at the strip club at 5910 Fourth St. SW around 11 p.m. Saturday and got eight lap dances at $25 a piece from Laurie Stribling, records show. He then failed to pay. Police were called. He was arrested. Prosecutors formally charged him with fifth-degree theft and public intoxication - both simple misdemeanors.


Ride'em, girl!

Cheap-ass will probably get off w/ a fine.

A lesson 2 the wise, fellas: PAY 4 YOUR LAPDANCES!!

@ least he won't have 2 do any "lapdances" of his own in prison...

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