Thursday, June 21, 2007

Escort Chicks Wash Cars For Utah Children...

Now 4 a postive story...


Escort Chicks Wash Cars For Utah Children

SALT LAKE CITY [KUTV]- It’s a combination that you might not think goes hand-in-hand: Adult entertainers and kids at Primary Children’s Medical Center. But Sunday, young ladies employed at a Salt Lake Area adult entertainment service held a fundraising car wash to benefit children in need. Girls from Divine Entertainment hosted the car wash on Sunday afternoon in order to raise money for needy children at the hospital. In fact, several of the escorts currently have children admitted at the hospital. “I have a baby in the intensive care unit,” said entertainer Analisa Griffin. “He is 7 weeks old… he was born [prematurely] at two poinds, 11 ounces.”

The escorts organized the car wash, at $10 per vehicle, in order to raise money for parents who can’t pay for their child’s hospital bills. “Sexy women can sell anything, can’t they?” Griffin added. The girls said business was great and they had serviced dozens of vehicles. “Most people drive by, wondering what we are doing. You know, they see cute girls in short skirts and they say what the hell?” said escort Alisha Jacobs.

Hey, can u "polish my 'ball bearings'?"


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