Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Strip Club Company is lookin' GOOD!

Here's something that I saw on Dave's Adultcarolina website ( It shows how Rick's Cabaret ( , a publically-traded company {Rick's Cabaret Int'l, Inc (RICK)} that mostly owns strip clubs (There's 1 in Charlotte now.) & adult websites, is really doing well financially in these hard economic times.

Here r the original links to the story:


HOUSTON - Rick’s Cabaret International, Inc., an operator of adult nightclubs across the United States, reported today that sales in February 2006 of $2,027,225 for its national chain of gentlemen’s nightclubs, have revenues that have exceeded $2 million in a single month, the first time in the companies’ history.

February 2006 nightclub revenues were up 92 percent from the $1,055,892 registered in February 2005. “All of our existing clubs showed a year-over-year increase in revenue in February. Our Club Onyx in Houston had an outstanding month as our NBA All-Star Week promotions proved highly effective. We also had another solid month at Rick’s Cabaret-New York City,” said Eric Langan, president and CEO of Rick’s Cabaret.

Langan said that February revenues more than doubled at Rick’s Cabaret-Charlotte. The company has operated the Charlotte club since February 2005, and it is now included in same store sales figures. The company’s total nightclub revenues for the first two months of the second quarter this year were $3,785,680, compared with $2,038,692 in the previous year.

For more information on Rick’s Cabaret, go to


DAMN, that's ALOT of ass-shakin'!!

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