Tuesday, April 11, 2006


A female friend o'mine hooked me up w/ news of this spot. It's called Xpeeps.com (http://www.xpeeps.com), an adult (i.e. porn) version of Myspace.com. Alot of porners have pages now.

The Beautiful Tiana Lynn, who's on Xpeeps now because Myspace deleted her account (U know that Rupert Murdock of FOX now owns Myspace, right?).

It was created by AEBN (http://www.aebn.net/), those good folks in The Queen City (i.e. Charlotte, NC) who created it as an alternative to Myspace.com and 4 the people who wanted 2 go nude & explicit in their profiles &/or pix, w/o getting deleted. Myspace was beign a real b8tch about that, lately.

& if u r asking: Yeah, I have my own page. It's brand new & I'm still working on it. It's located here @: http://www.xpeeps.com/zartan

Check it out when ya get a chance...

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