Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Make Prostitution Legal...

OK, OK, OK, here's what I think:

If u make it legal, u will do a variety of things.

1) Taxable Income:
"The Man" can get his cut w/o sending the person 2 jail. I'm sure that this would amount 2 100's of millions of $$$, IF NOT MORE.

2) Health Checkups:
By doing this, u will virtually stop the spread of sexually-transmitted diseases through prostitution. U would also quickly indentify the 1's who r on crack & such & get them out of there! Don't believe me? Check out Nevada's history on the subject. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prostitution_in_Nevada)

3) Licensing:
The 1's that do have their license, like any other business owner, would b free 2 do their "business." 4 the 1's who don't, the cops can still bust'em if it makes them happy. And the 1's who would get busted would most likey b the street prosties, anyway. Who actually visits a street prostitute in this day & age w/ so many professional escort services?

4) Regulation:
Any 1 w/ a legit license wouldn't b allowed on the street 2 "sling pussy." They would have 2 maintain an "office" to ply their "wares." Also, zone them in the same districts that already allow adult business, w/ regular business hours & everything.

5) Legitimization:
While it wouldn't make them any more acceptable in our society (Unfortunately), it would make their profession a legit & legal 1. Which means if a guy (Or gal, u never know...) would harm a 'business person," they would have the legal means 2 protect themselves & 2 prosecute that person. It would also get rid of the pimps who fed off them. They wouldn't need them (Not that they do now, anyway.), & if 1 beats the sh#t out of 1 of them, they can throw his (Or her) ass in jail!

I'm sure there's more 2 b done 4 someone more versed on the subject, but the 5 things mentioned would go A LONG WAY in eliminating this:

& this:

& this:

After all, Nevada has ALREADY DONE IT!

Think about it...

Besides, why should an act (Or acts) between consenting adults b ILLEGAL?

After all, making $$$ is The American Way!

Nice asses!!

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