Sunday, January 29, 2006

I told ya so!!


Well, well, well,....

It looks like we're back @ SQUARE 1!!

The city tried 2 b slick, trying 2 get the judge 2 go 2 trial & render a decision THE DAY B4 THE DEADLINE!

That's F*CKED UP!

All the city has 2 do is 2 is 2 say that any NEW ADULT BUSINESSES that wish 2 open r within the new rules.


Here's an article on the subject, courtesy of The Greensboro News & Record:


Sexually oriented businesses remain in place pending suit.

By: Eric Swensen, Staff Writer

GREENSBORO -- Greensboro won't enforce a law requiring most of the city's sexually oriented businesses to close or move while waiting for a federal court ruling on a lawsuit challenging the ordinance. A group of adult businesses filed a federal lawsuit in December arguing the rules are unconstitutional. The city had set a Feb. 3 deadline for sexually oriented businesses to comply with the rules, which would have required most of the businesses to move or close.

A federal judge told both sides this month that he wouldn't hold a hearing on the adult businesses' request for a temporary injunction, said Assistant City Attorney Blair Carr. Instead, the judge asked the city not to enforce the regulations and asked the two sides to agree on a date for an expedited hearing on the case. No trial date has been set, though Carr hopes the trial will begin in four months.

City Council in 2001 voted to ban sexually oriented businesses within 1,000 feet of churches, day-care centers, parks or property zoned residential. The vote also eliminated rules allowing sexually oriented businesses that didn't meet the new regulations to stay in their existing locations, giving them two years to close or move. City Council amended the rules in 2004 to allow sexually oriented businesses on land zoned heavy industrial and gave the businesses until Feb. 3, 2006, to comply.

The adult businesses argue the city's rules are unconstitutional for curtailing their free speech and expression rights and restricting speech based on its content. They also argue the rules were adopted despite a lack of evidence that further regulation was needed. Attorneys for the city have said Greensboro can regulate the businesses' locations because the rights of neighbors to be free of increased crime and other effects of the businesses outweigh those businesses' free-speech rights.

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The city REALLY screwed up when they had 2 add heavy industrial areas 2 the zoning regs. They (The City Council) pretty much admitted that they r trying 2 close down & run the adult businesses out of town w/ that lil' addition..

This has been going on since 1999 & it ain't stopping any time soon.

I guess it's OK 4 the city (Which is actually OUR tax $$$.) 2 pay $400,000.00 4 a "private" park that we (the people) can't use w/o permission, or pay out $70,000.00 4 an investigation against the GPD, which we can't c BTW, but adult businesses r supposed 2 b evil.

Yeah riiiiiight...

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