Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Christie's WON!

They actually WON!

Even since 2001, Christie's Cabaret (formerly Tiffany's ) on W. Wendover Ave. in G'boro has been fighting a legal battle (No, I don't mean the battle about zoning) on what a dancer can and cannot do onstage, as far as ''shakin' da booty."

The law that WAS on the books is that ANY form of dancing that can b "suggestive" can land a performer in jail, whether it's on a stage @ a strip club, or on a stage @ The Coliesum, or on the stage of your local theatre (Wouldn't that b f*cked-up 4 The Triad Stage downtown?).


You can read about it yourself at the link below:

Judge strikes law on erotic dancing:

It's also on The Greensboro News & Record website (www.news-record.com), but those links don't last long 4 free.

I wonder how this will effect the upcoming hearing in Feb. 2006?

Prolly not much, since there r plenty of anal-retentive (or in other words: Tight-Ass) people in G'boro that will always HATE any form of adult entertainment.


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