Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Alittle somethin'...

DJs have ALL the fun...

(Just in case anyone complains about the photos & subject matter, I got some of the images off a legit "Sexual Health" site. And I'm not showing ACTUAL penetration! The link is below:

I was talkin 2 this dancer who I'll call Terry. She's cool as Hell (Especially 4 a younger chick. They usually have alot of drama w/ them.) & she knows how 2 hustle 4 that $$$.

Anyhoo, it was a slow night & we were talkin in The DJ Booth when a regular customer (& friend) came up 2 us & handed me a drink (It wasn't water, either.). So, I'm sippin' on my drink & Terry asked 4 a sip. Now this is against the rules (But then, I'm drinking, 2.) but I was like, "F*ck it." So I give her the glass &...

She downs it like a sailor!

I was like, "Damn!" @ first, then I was like, "What about my damn drink?"

She giggles (figures) then leaves The DJ Booth. A little bit later she comes back w/ 2 drinks using the BIG glasses (Oh, SH*T!!) we were getting out buzz on. I asked what it was & she said, "Drink it & don't worry about it. I'm not gonna poison ya." Since it was slow, nobody really noticed.

A few drinks later, I'm nice & buzzed & Terry's in another time zone. Not stumbling drunk or anything, but REALLY feelin' it. We then started playin' around w/ each other, nothin' serious until...

She grabbed my "Mr. Bill" (& by "Mr. Bill," I mean my penis. My pant were still on, though.) & gave me THE LOOK.

What's "THE LOOK" u ask?

The look that says that u r gonna get "Alittle somethin'."

She unzips my pants & pulls out "Mr. Bill" & gives him a kiss (By a kiss, I mean "fellatio." What's "fellatio?" In short, a blow job.

Another "Sexual Health" website 4 ya:*-

Needless 2 say, I didn't fight it.

AND I kept the music & rotation going (A learned DJ skill.)

Anyhoo, I got her up off her knees, took her g-string 2 the side as I bent her over, u know as in, "Hide Mr. Bill in the warm, damp cave." Just when "Mr. Bill" was about 2 go on his journey, this other dancer, whom I'll sarcastically call "Mr. Bill-Blocker," approaches The DJ Booth all loud & says, "What r u 2 doing? I wanna pick out my music!''

Needless 2 say, that killed the mood as Terry left the DJ Booth so that "Mr. Bill-Blocker" can come in & pick out her damn music! Fortunately, the way The DJ Booth is arranged, she didn't c Terry's "cave" or "Mr. Bill" in all their glory.

I soon plotted my revenge.

I know 4 a fact that "Mr. Bill-Blocker" doesn't like dancing 2 Hip-Hop music. So what did I play 4 her when she went on stage?

That's riiiight...

What made it so bad 4 her was that she was gonna get tipped, but she walked off the stage b4 the guys could give her their $$$. 2 twist the knife in, I quickly called 4 Terry 2 go on stage.

She made a killing!

That didn't sit 2 well w/ "Mr. Bill-Blocker," but as Rhett Butler told Scarlet O'Hara in "Gone With the Wind," "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."

Besides, I did give Terry a ride home that night after work.

In more ways than 1...


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