Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Well, almost...

I heard from my "sources" in the strip club scene around town that something ugly was about 2 pop off @ this 1 G'boro strip club in particular a few days ago.

C if u can guess which 1...

Anyhoo, this dude bring in a couple of ladies w/ him (I don't know if they were just friends or that "menage `e troi" type stuff.) into this club. Everything was lovely & everyone was having a good time.


Some of the house dancers start getting heated over the attention that these girls r getting. So heated in fact, that a few of them were going 2 beat the Hell out of them RIGHT IN THE CLUB!!

I'm not making this sh*t up!

Word got back 2 the ladies that something was about 2 pop off (They didn't know what was going on. They were having a good time.) & then they started trippin'! Words & looks were going back & forth until security had 2 step in & got the girls & their dude out of there b4 something ugly happened.

That pretty much killed the rest of the evening 4 everbody else in the club & my "source" soon left the club & the bitchy dancers 4 the night.

How can dancers get upset @ another female who's NOT DANCING?!

It wasn't like they were taking $$$ away from them or anything. That's just plain STUPID!!

I want 2 stress that this is second-hand info because I didn't c it 4 myself, but if it's true & I don't doubt that it is, that's not a club I want 2 take a lady-friend w/ me.

I thought most clubs LOVE couples coming in...

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