Monday, March 18, 2013

Mirage Gentlemens Club in G'boro

It seems that a new strip club has opened up in G'boro...

The Mirage Gentlemens Club is takin over the spot that was held by The Gold Club b4 it closed.

If this is another "high-end" strip club then prepare 2 take a big loss in G'boro.

The strip club scene here isn't shit like it used ta b, & if there tryin 2 charge out the ass 4 simple drink like The Gold Club did, then prepare 4 another closing.

Hell if Eddie Collins got rid of Harpers (It's 'Thee Dollhouse' or something now)as long as it was here, & Christie's r lettin strippers in w/ tattoos & such, then b prepared 4 a bumpy ride Mirage.

& I hope it's not like its sister club in Jacksonville, FL.

I remember the Old Mirage on W. Market St. (owned by my favorite dude, Johnny Walters). Nice place, but they changed the concept & it gut shut down (sound familiar?).

We'll c what happens.

Stay tuned, pervs...

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