Thursday, February 21, 2013

Crystal Cabaret aka Players Club Redux...

It seems that The Crystal Cabaret (which is still owned by Johnny & his peeps) has undergone yet another transformation.

It tried 2 b a White Strip Club 4 a minute. When that didn't work, Johnny went back 2 using Black dancers & Black customers (people he REALLY doesn't respect. I remember when they used 2 closed up the ol' Platinum Club whenever it was A&T Homecoming or Super Jamz).

The one major change is that Nina Black is no longer in the mix.

Wonder where she's 2?

Whether she was fired or left on her own (she's been fired & hired by Johnny numerous of times b4), I don't know @ the moment.

Let's c if it's the same ol' shit as b4, or has he really learned his lesson.

BTW, where is Johnny anyway?

Aren't the cops still lookin' 4 him?


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