Monday, November 30, 2009


DAAYYYYYMMN!! It's been a minute!

Let's c, what's nu?

1st of all, Rocco Scarfone of the N Club really did buy LAX, so LAX is DONE! That's why u don't c those naked ladies up there anymore. The new club is called Platinum Dollz, or is it?

Seems like they had Old Skool Pornstar Teri Weigel as their opening feature act (I know, I was THERE!) The crowd was pretty good, even though that place is as big as my closet! LOL!

Soon after, I guess Rocco wanted 2 change it 2 Ebony Dollz, considering it's on MLK (The 'hood side of town), it's mainly Black dancers there, & many white dancers wouldn't want 2 dance there.

But something happened: It changed right back 2 Platinum Dollz!

I wondered why this happened? Maybe he really did get the "Downtown Crowd" 2 MLK! A friend of mine told me that the local NAACP (that's right, the Civil Rights group) actually COMPLAINED 2 Rocco about the "racist" name!!

I'll b damned!

More updates soon...


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