Monday, August 10, 2009

Trouble Ahead: LAX on MLK...

The Gold Club wasn't the only strip club that opened a few weeks ago. There's a new strip club on MLK Dr. (That right on MLK of all places.) in G'boro called LAX.

I've actually been up in there, once or twice. They've done ALOT 2 the place since it was Pandora's Box (an adult bookstore). It looks pretty decent in there.

2 bad it won't last.

1st of all, the person they have running the place doesn't know what the fuck she'd doing. Some chick called Natalie who's biggest "Claim 2 Fame" was fuckin' the deceased owner of The Mint, Walt Loer (Don't worry. He was alive when they were fuckin'! LOL!). In fact, word is that when he died, the only thing she was sorry about was who was gonna pay 4 the SUV that Walt bought her! Needless 2 say that soon after he died, she got FIRED from The Mint.

I guess no 1 there wanted 2 fuck her 4 her job!

Anywoo, she wrangled (or fucked) her way in2 a managment position @ LAX, even though she's NEVER managed a strip club (or anything else) b4! What r the owner[s] thinking?

From what I've heard, NO 1 there has any idea what they're doing! They got a "Chief of Security" that has NEVER been chief of ANYTHING & has NEVER worked a strip club b4!


I've also heard that they r sellin' liquor after 2 AM (Yeah, that's REEEAAAL smart! Especially on that side of town!) a REAL NO-NO & r tryin' 2 go after the old SugarBares/LD late-nite/pre-dawn crowd (U know how well THAT turned out 4 Sugar Bares, don't ya?).

Do they WANT some1 2 get shot over there?

Where's The Troublemaker when u need him?

Movin' on, they also have a madam (that's right, no bullshit, a female pimp!) that's hangin' out over there, tryin' 2 get new "bitches" 4 her "stable" & word is that she's pressin' 4 a fuckin' job!


I've already warned peeps that I know 2 STAY AWAY from there. 2 much potential 4 bullshit over there, especially w/ people that don't know a thing about strip clubs tryin' 2 fuck around over there.

Needless 2 say, I WON'T b applyin' 4 a job over there.

I'm not tryin' 2 get shot...

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