Monday, August 10, 2009

Sugar Bares/LDs: Where's Darryl?

Where's Darryl?

Word is that Darryl McCarroll of "Sugar Bares/Lost Dimension's" fame has skipped town after not paying rent on his various clubs.

That's right, he didn't own the building or the land, just the business (Such as it was.).

All of Darryl's peeps have been FIRED and the owner of the land and building supposedly has control of it now. Not sure if it's under the same name or not or if the buildning owner is interested in sellin' or not. Will c what I can dig up.

Supposedly, Darryl's out of the country in Costa Rica of all places. Maybe for good.

The shootings didn't get rid of him.

The killings didn't get rid of him.

The fights didn't get rid of him

The cops didn't get rid of him.

The City Council didn't get rid of him.

The ALE didn't get rid of him.

NOT PAYING HIS RENT got rid of him!

Good riddance...

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