Monday, May 04, 2009

Sugar Bares/Lost Dimensions...

I'm Baaaaaaaaaack... (Well, I was never gone. Just bust as fuck!)

Well, it looks like people r FINALLY getting tired of Darryl's bullshit.

It's funny how this is playin' out on TV & shit. Darryl pushed Harold out of LD's when he was havin problems w/ his crack-head wifey, Sara. They got some jail-time 4 pullin' a "Home Alone" scenario w/ their youn'uns in FL during some kinda racing event awhile back. That's why the "Lost Dimensions" sign is still up. Fox 8 News & all the other news folks around town may know it as LD's, but every1 else knows it as Sugar Bares.

They do ALOT of fuckin' inside, so I'm kinds surprised that The GPD r on them over some bullshit about security guards. I guess u gotta start somewhere.

Darryl thinks that his contacts can get him off the hook. He should have left 4 Costa Rica like he's been planning instead of puttin' himself on the line (& on TV) over "Da Bares." The Troublemaker has been on'em alot lately & this is gonna help bring that shit down. All they really have 2 do is send in some undercovers & let them get some private dances. That's how they got Eddie Collin's Harper's years ago.

& he has much more hook-ups & pull than Darryl thinks he has.

But as the ol' sayin' goes, "It ain't over until the fat lady sings."

She not singing yet, but she sure as Hell is warming up!

Stay tuned...

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