Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day, Pervs!

Happy Memorial Day, Pervs!!

I want 2 grill out, but the weather in NC doesn't know what it wants 2 do. As I'm typing this, it must have rained @ least twice. Hopefully, I can grill a few burgers on my porch b4 it pours down again.

Also, let's thank EVERY1 (Not just the troops. ALOT of people fought 4 this country who were NEVER in the military.) who sacrificed 4 this great country of ours!

Here's some "Patriotic Pix" 4 u pervs out there...

Happy Memorial Day!

Thanx 2 the shapely asses of Ice La Fox & Brianna Love!

God Bless America!


Painted Flag times 3 (Talk about Patriotism!)!

Is the 1/3 time really a charm? Uhh, yeah!

Patriotic Beach Sex (I imagime ALOT of people r doin' this right now!)

Is that Debi Diamond?

Lisa Ann as "Serra Paylin"

I would LOVE 2 salute this Hockey Mom!

Have a good 1, pervs...

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