Sunday, August 10, 2008

The owner of "The Mint" strip club has died...


Walt Loer, the old man that owns "The Mint," a strip club on E. Market St. in G'boro, NC, has passed on 2 that Gentlemens Club in the sky.

"Old Man Walt" passed on over 2 week ago, & NO ONE has said anything about the club still being open!

First, Mary "Moms" Greene closes up Twiggy's Lounge (They were gonna get busted sooner or later anyway), now Walt is gone & The Mint will soon follow?

Or will it?

As of right now, the people that work there r still running it like nothing has happened. They do know that now he's gone the club can't b open.

It's not clear if he left a will or anything, but if he didn't leave/transfer the property &/or business 2 someone, then The Mint shouldn't b in business.

Or maybe I'm wrong. I'm not a lawyer, after all.

Something's gonna happen soon though, because The Mint has had it's share of fights, shootings, & killings on the property as well.

Stay tuned...

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