Saturday, August 30, 2008

Georgia town spends $1,000,000.00 to buy strip club

Now this is some crazy shit.

I'm not gonna say shit on these assholes, because it's almost UNBELIEVABLE.

The original link is here (courtesy of, but it's below if ya wanna peep it:


Georgia town spends $1 million to buy Cafe Risque to Shut It Down

Georgia- A northeast Georgia small town voted earlier this week to spend $1 million to buy the Cafe Risque so they could shut the strip club down.

The announcement of the decision by the mayor was met with a standing ovation. City crews had a bonfire of the clubs sign and advertisements at the club site.

The town of Lavonia could have spent the money paying off bonds for a water treatment facility upgrade, but instead wanted to eliminate the adult entertainment venue they have fought for years.


U idiots in GA actually spent tax dollars on this shit?

I'd hate 2 b the politicians when they need nu school books or need more $$$ 4 the local P.D..

What r they gonna tell'em:

"If ya don't like it, get a lap dance?"



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