Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Best Lil' Whorehouse in G'boro, Pt. II

Pt. 2, pervs...

Here's more info on "The Best Lil' Whorehouse in G'boro" better known as Club Twiggy's which used 2 b located @ 114 N. Davies St. in Downtown G'boro.

There was a lovely young lady by the name of Candi that gave the best Blow Jobs ANYWHERE!!

She was actually a very nice & sweet girl (yeah, I've met her b4) who was goin' through alot of shit in her young life. Candi's main problem was that she couldn't say NO very well. If she really liked u, u could fuck her as well. & from what I heard, that pussy was as wet as The Atlantic Ocean & would explode like an newly-tapped oil well when she was in the right mood.

She actually had guys fall in luv w/ her! Buying her shit & promising "2 take care of her" if she left her b-friend/pimp (Yeah believe it or not, she had a b-friend.).

1 guy in particluar fell so hard 4 her that they got in2 a fight in the club a while back & he slammed her WWF-style on the hard concrete floor! I alluded 2 this in a post some time ago.

Guys were actually mad! Not because she was hurt mind u, but because she wasn't there 2 suck their sorry-ass dicks! She was out of comission 4 a lil' while, but she eventually came back w/ a vengence.

The "runner-up" in the "BJ Dept." was an older dancer (& I use the tern "dancer" very loosely) called Cream. She basically looked like a crackhead, no body 2 speak of & she had some missing teeth, which she would hide w/ a fake-ass grill (U wanna c what she looks like, check her out here), but could suc the Hell out of a phallus! Cream would often get butt-ass naked in the VIP Room & "handle her business."

The nice thing about her is that she would alweays have some handi-wipes 2 clean u off after everything was said-&-done. She may have been a cheap whore, but @ least she was a clean 1. Not all Twiggy girls could say that, but that a story 4 another time ;) From what I know, Cream was the 1 of the cheapest whores @ Twiggy's, costing no more than $30.00 4 EVERYTHING! Another thing that customers luved about Cream was that she rode "bareback" alot of the time. NO PROTECTION 2 SPEAK OF!!


Candi & Cream, between the 2 of them constituted the majority of Twiggy's day-time business (Twiggy's used 2 open up @ 2 in the afternoon) & the only reason 2 come in on some days.

U pervs think that I'm makin' this shit up?

HELL NAW!! This shit is 1000% true!

Many people around G'bor know EXACTLY what I'm talkin' about! & the owner, an old crone named Mary "Moms" Greene knew EVERYTHING that the girls were doing in her spot!

Pt. 3 coming atcha in a few... (What a way 2 make a come-back, huh?)

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