Thursday, May 01, 2008

Best Lil' Whorehouse in G'boro, Pt. 1

Now, I know what ur thinkin':

Where is this place @?

LOL! Sorry but it's closed now. Believe it or not, it was a major fixture in Downtown G'boro 4 over 20 YEARS (though I doubt that "Downtown Greensboro, Inc." did much 2 promote that fact.)!

Know what place I'm talkin' about now? Well Ben the Troulemaker knows as well as a few G'boro bloggers.

The Best Lil' Whorehouse in G'boro was...

(drum roll please)


As a matter of fact, I aluded 2 Twiggy's on many posts in the past, but NO ONE figured them out!

Also, as a matter of fact, Twiggy's had some of the cheapest pussy around! Most girls were between $40 - $60 bucks a "pop" while there were a few who were as cheap as a 20 dollar bill!

I'm not jokin' & I'M NOT LYING!!!

There was also a whole bunch of other shit that was goin' on as well.

More 2 come later...

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