Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm baaaaaaack!!

I'm baaaaaaaack...

Sorry pervs, but I had 2 make some XXXtra $$$ 4 The XXX-Mas Season.

I still need more $$, but I had 2 let u pervs know that I'm still here!

Here's some pix 4 u 2 enjoy while I'm out makin' that "dough," yo.



Come here, young'un...

That pussy is MINE!!

Female: Honey, it's 2 BIG!!

Male: But u said u wanted something DIFFERENT!

Fuckin' 4 Beautiful Women @ once...

God, I LUV being a MAN!!

1st Time Anal...

But u said it wouldn't HURT!!

"Doubles" anyone??

Tag Team, Back Again!!

More Anal...

THE END (Literally)

Later Gater...

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