Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ex-Wrestler Accused Of Forced Prostitution

Get this shit:

This wrestler was tryin' 2 pimp 4 real!

Read this bullshit!!


Ex-Wrestler Hardbody Harrison Accused Of Forced Prostitution

Atlanta- A former wrestling star charged with forcing women into prostitution is representing himself in federal court.

Harrison Norris Jr., otherwise known as "Hard Body Harrison" during his wrestling days with World Championship Wrestling, is charged with holding six women against their will and forcing them to become prostitutes.

Norris stood before the jury Monday, in an orange prison jumpsuit, and laid out his defense. He is acting as his own attorney, something that even his court-appointed standby counsel says is very risky.

"In terms of criminal prosecution this is the top of the food chain. Lawyers go through law school, years of experience to be able to try cases at this level so he is relatively inexperienced at it and it's obviously very risky," said Akil Secret, Norris' standby counsel.

Norris was arrested in 2005 after authorities raided his Bartow County home. What emerged was accusations of abduction, forced prostitution and threats of violence against six women the government says were held against their will.

But even with the resources of the federal government behind the prosecution, Norris decided to represent himself. His mother supports him.

"If he thinks he can do it himself then oh well. I think he's the best person for the job," said Lucille Norris.

But if he fails, Norris could face a life sentence.

"I would be concerned about any person trying to represent themselves in this kind of complex criminal procedure," said Secret.

Norris wrestled in the WCW from 1994 to 1999.



I guess pimping REALLY AIN'T EASY!!!

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