Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Greg Sakas, Pt.6: Cops Visit Greg Sakas...Yet Again


The cops REALLY have a hard dick 4 this guy Greg!

Read Pt. 6 below...


Cops Visit Greg Sakas...Yet Again

Wilmington, North Carolina- Greg Sakas, owner of a number of adult stores in North Carolina, has had enough visits from police to rate a deputy's badge. Sakas' New Bern store was raided last January; then again in September.

Sakas called to tell me that vice and narcotics again entered his Wilmington store,, Intimate Bliss, and this time wrote up complaints. The last time they were inm a female undercover cop was asking if the store carried animal videos.

"They're doing an investigation on that store and what they're going to do," says Sakas. "They're saying they think we're not in compliance."

But after the cops left Wednesday, it was made clear by the planning dept. that Sakas' store was, indeed, in compliance. For now Sakas has his attorney working with the city to straighten this issue out.

"And Adam & Eve is just a mile down the road from us?" asks Sakas. "We've had cops checking out this store on a number of occasions asking us all kinds of questions to entrap us. This is the worst and I don't see an end in sight."

Sakas is due in district court in 16 days on the New Bern busts.


Will this drama EVER END?

I'll keep u posted...

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