Monday, August 11, 2014

Christie's Cabaret is gettin' GANGSTA!!

Yoooooooooooooo, WTF?!

I almost didn't believe this shit when I 1st heard about it.

Then it made the fuckin' local paper.

Check it out below (article courtesy of The News & Record):


3 strippers, $20,000. What could go wrong?

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Sommer Painter
Jessica Gibbs Salinas
Heaven Shoffner
Abdulkadir Sharif Ali
Ali Mahamed Sheikh

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Posted: Friday, August 8, 2014 5:00 am
GREENSBORO — They cooked up the scheme in the locker room of the gentleman’s club where they worked: Meet a customer after hours and rob him of the $20,000 he had with him.

Other strippers had talked about doing the same thing. But three local women decided in November they would carry out the scenario, all to help one of the group, whose family was about to lose its home and car.

But their hastily concocted plan, described in court testimony Thursday, didn’t work out the way they had planned.

The getaway? They dropped the bag they had stolen and left one of the strippers behind.
They had to go back to pick up their friend — and to search for the money, because the duffel bag they stole didn’t have any money in it.

The three strippers testified in Guilford County Superior Court about their role, with the help of two Greensboro men, in the botched robbery.

The women — Jessica Gibbs Salinas, 23, of Reidsville; Heaven Leigh Shoffner, 20, of Mocksville; and Sommer Nicole Painter, 21, of Greensboro — entered into plea agreements with prosecutors early this week to avoid harsher sentences, prosecutors said. They had faced felony assault and robbery charges.

The women pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit armed robbery and testified Thursday in the trial of Ali Mahamed Sheikh, 21, and Abdulkadir Sharif Ali, 22, who are charged with armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury.

Painter told the court she drank tequila and used marijuana and cocaine the night of Nov. 19, when the women came up with their plan. Salinas told her a man with her at Christie’s Cabaret on Wendover Drive had $20,000, Painter testified. The women talked in the club’s locker room and decided to call somebody and get involved in a robbery, Painter said.

“Other girls had talked about doing it before,” Painter testified.

She told the court she never was going to get any money out of the robbery because all of it was going to be used to help Salinas’ family, who was about to lose its home and car.

Salinas agreed to meet with the victim in his room at a Marriott hotel after she got off work, about 3 a.m. on Nov. 20, police testified. She called the victim to let him know she was on the way.
She also exchanged text messages with Sheikh, who instructed her to look for security cameras and make sure the victim had the money, police testified.

But Shoffner testified that she dropped Salinas off at the wrong hotel, then when they realized it was the wrong place, drove her to the correct one.

Salinas met with the victim and went to his room, police testified, and she and Sheikh exchanged text messages, with Sheikh saying he would arrive in five minutes. Sheikh, Painter and another man, believed to be Ali, went in a back door of the hotel, the women told the court, and Salinas let them into the room.

The man fought back, and someone hit him in the head with a handgun, Painter testified. The victim received a severe cut on his head, which required nine staples to close, according to arrest warrants.

The four grabbed the victim’s duffel bag and ran from the hotel. Sheikh was blood-spattered when he ran out of the hotel, Painter testified.

As they ran, one of the men fell in the parking lot and scattered the bag’s contents on the ground. They gathered the items and got into two cars to drive away.

When the group got to Painter’s Greensboro apartment, they realized they didn’t have the money or Salinas, and Painter sent Shoffner back to look for both, according to testimony.
Police were milling about at the hotel, and she couldn’t get in to the parking lot to search, Shoffner testified. Salinas had been hiding in nearby woods but ran and got into Shoffner’s car.
The two women went back to the apartment empty-handed, she told the court.

Police arrested Salinas, Sheikh and Ali in December but didn’t say how they connected them to the robbery. It wasn’t clear from available records late Thursday when Painter and Shoffner were arrested.