Saturday, October 12, 2013

Chrsity Mack's "Unofficial" IR Debut (It was AWHILE ago)

On certain porn boards, there's a debate whether Porner Karlo Karrera is Black.

From what I can c, dude is @ least mixed (which means he's Black) if not an outright African-American. Or in his case, African-Dominican. Most Dominicans r Black whether they admit it or not.

Do I have a problem w/ that?

No, of course not, but Porn Valley has big "issues" when it cums 2 "IR" (interracial, if u didn't kno) Porn.

The reason I bring this up is that some girls either don't do IR or r savin it 4 later. But since Carlo is obviously Black, the scenes he has done w/ porners that don't do IR r REALLY IR. Especially since he shoots in FL alot. 

ALOT of Afro-Cubans & such down there.

I'm sure if he was more dark-skinned he'd b put in there w/ Sean Michaels & Lex Steele.

Anyhoo, here's Emo/Goth/Alt Chick Christy Mack w/ her "IR debut" awhile back in BigTitCreampie. 

Yeah, he came in her DEEP! LOL!

Here's some pix & a downloadable link (4 as long as it last) 4 u pervs.


Yeah, he's definitely a brotha! LOL!

Christy Mack gettin' sum Chocolate Spanish Dick Doggie-Style

U think ol' War Machine minds? LOL!

More 2 cum ;)