Thursday, November 08, 2012

Where r u, Johnny?!

It looks like GPD is lookin' 4 Good Ol' Johhny because of the shitstorm over @ The (Former) Platiunum Club!

Read on below!

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Man charged with failure to supervise Platinum Cabaret

Friday, June 29, 2012
(Updated 1:05 pm)

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Margaret Baxter (News & Record)
GREENSBORO -- A man has been charged with failure to supervise Platinum Cabaret, a Greensboro nightspot that recently had its liquor license suspended partly due to violence at the business.
The charge stems from a June 9 incident that left two people shot outside of the business.
Johnny Dwayne Walters, 43, of 1410 Bearhollow Road in Greensboro, is described in arrest documents as the business permittee of Platinum Cabaret. The documents state that Walters "failed to superintend in person or through a manager" the business, which in May was barred from providing adult entertainment.
The documents go on to say that an armed subject was allowed into Platinum Cabaret on June 9 and was able to fire shots inside and outside of the business. Ultimately, two men were treated and released from the hospital after suffering non-life-threatening gunshot wounds June 9.
Officers who responded to the shooting at Platinum Cabaret found a used condom in a back room and observed open containers of alcohol on the premises.
Platinum Cabaret's liquor license was suspended June 15.
Walters was released from custody Thursday on a written promise to appear in court. His court date is set for Aug. 10.


Where r u, Johnny?

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