Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bye, bye Players Club!

It seems that Johnny threw in the towel & said...


It looks like he FINALLY smelt the shit & shut down that bullet magnet "Players Club" on High Pt. Rd.

Now of course, he blames the Black folks 4 ruining it 4 him. The problem w/ Johnny was 2 fold:

1) He went int2 a genre of club he knew NOTHING about (He still has the illegal "Platinum Cabaret" on Wendover next 2 "Christies".)

2) He hired people that didn't know how 2 run a legit & above-board club. Yeah NINA BLACK, that means U!

Although he closed it down a "Club Cabaret" has popped up in it's place.

How much u wanna bet that it's Johnny tryin' 2 "whiten" up his image?

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