Monday, February 21, 2011

Jesus, Players Club...

It's time 4 your ASSES 2 go!

This is the 2nd murder on your property within A YEAR (Not 2 mention various shootings, robberies, & such)! 

But what does Johnny Walters, the owner, care? As long as that redneck is makin' $$$$ of the "Black Strip Club Market," he's kewl. Funny, I remember when his club Platinum was there & he would close during Super Jamz because he didn't want Black guys comin' in during that time.

How about closin' the club up now, jackass!

Whenever Nina Black runs shit, shit gets OUT OF CONTROL! JUST LIKE SUGAR BARES! That's cuz she LUVS catering 2 the "Thug Crowd," who she thinks respects her & show her "LUV" or whatever!


Word is that Nina's tellin' everybody that the dude shot thru the door. That's BULLSHIT!! The damn door was wide open!

How many people have 2 die in order 4 the city 2 do something!!

U know if this shit happened in Downtown G'boro, the place would b PADLOCKED already!

@ least the punk-ass pussy that "allegedly" shot Winfred turned himself in alittle while ago.

It's time 4 u 2 go, Players Club!!!


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