Tuesday, November 16, 2010

C'mon, LAX! U r just making it worse!

G.H. Christ, LAX! Could you make things worse?!

1st, u lie about the shooting happening on the property (The dude could have DIED because u DUMBASSES didn't call 911!)

2nd, the cops KNOW u lied because of the video evidence (SUPPLIED BY YOUR OWN CAMERA!) & every1 who works there stinks 2 High Hell of BLEACH (Which DOESN'T clean blood away! U can still c it under an ultraviolet light, IDIOTS!).


& now u r calling the cops LIARS ever though they have PROOF!


Can u believe what they r sayin' now? Read it here or check it out below, courtesy of The News & Record.


Accounts conflict in LAX shooting inquiry

Tuesday, November 16, 2010
(Updated 11:46 am)

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Photo Caption: LAX Gentleman's Club at 2216 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Greensboro.

GREENSBORO — Police are continuing their investigation into a shooting at a strip club earlier this month, and they have filed charges against the former manager, who they say refused to help the victim, mopped up the crime scene and refused to cooperate in their investigation.

But an attorney for Rocco Scarfone, part owner of the club, says management has cooperated in the investigation and police allegations are not supported by surveillance video.

On Wednesday, police filed charges against 29-year-old Quinton Jones, the former manager of the LAX Gentlemen’s Club at 2216 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, in connection with the alleged cover-up of a shooting there.

Police said that on Nov. 7, 23-year-old Demmetre Fox was shot in the club’s parking lot after club security broke up a fight inside the establishment.

Both parties had been escorted outside, when police believe Leroy Copney Jr., 37, pulled a handgun and shot Fox multiple times.

Copney was arrested Friday and is charged with attempted first-degree murder. He is being held on a $1 million bond.

On Saturday, the N.C. Alcoholic Beverage Commission suspended LAX’s alcohol license after receiving sworn affidavits from law enforcement that Jones attempted to cover up the crime scene.

According to the affidavits:

Authorities say that witnesses told them that when the shooting occurred, the club’s management refused to call 911 for an ambulance and told Fox’s friend that he would have to drive him to the hospital.

He did so and met an off-duty police officer at Moses Cone Hospital, whom he told about the shooting at LAX.

One of the first officers who arrived said he found a crime scene behind the club with blood smears on a car and wet spots on the ground that smelled of bleach.

He said he spoke with club security, who said they knew nothing about a shooting or about bleach being used to clean up a crime scene.

The officer said he then spoke with Jones, who said there was an altercation but refused to provide further information. The officer said Jones smelled like bleach, according to the affidavit.

The lead investigator on the case, Greensboro police Cpl. H. Pate, said he reviewed seized video from the club that showed security escorting several people into the lot.

Club security watched the individuals in the parking lot, and when shots were fired, he said, they can be seen running back into the club.

A few minutes later, he said, security can be seen back outside of the club with Jones. They have a short conversation and go back inside.

“Security returns outside with buckets and mops and starts cleaning up the crime scene,” Pate wrote.

The affidavits also state that Jones denied that the club had working surveillance cameras.

Jones, of 3700 Laurel Bluff Circle in High Point, was charged with misdemeanor resisting a public officer and was given a written promise to appear in court.

Amiel Rossabi, Scarfone’s attorney, said Jones has been fired for “errors in judgment” but denied allegations that the manager and others cleaned up a crime scene or hindered a police investigation. Jones did not return a message seeking comment.

“There is no video of a clean-up taking place,” Rossabi said.

“We refer everyone to the video, and the allegations are not supported by the video.”

Rossabi said that police never had to seize a tape of the incident but were given one by Scarfone, who immediately handed it over after learning about the incident.

Rossabi said that the day of the shooting, he coordinated police interviews with Jones and security personnel at the club.

“All day Sunday, I was bringing in employees to help with the investigation,” Rossabi said. He also denied that anyone refused to dial 911.

Police Chief Ken Miller said that the video supports the accounts in the affidavits.

“What happens is that one point in the video, you see individuals carrying pails of water out and a mop going out that way,” Miller said.

“Our crime scene was destroyed with water and bleach.”

Miller said that Rossabi did help coordinate interviews with club personnel but would not let them speak with detectives about obliterating a crime scene

“Obviously, they are invoking their Fifth Amendment rights,” Miller said. “It wasn’t full-blown cooperation.”

In addition to the incidents surrounding the shooting, the ABC Commission cited 44 police calls to the club since February, some regarding shootings or stabbings, as additional reasons for suspending the alcohol license.

A full breakdown of those numbers was not available Monday from Greensboro police.

However, Rossabi said that police were only called 33 times, with the majority being for minor disturbances. He said the club also is appealing the suspension of its alcohol license.

Miller said an investigation regarding the shooting is ongoing but added it is possible he may recommend the city take legal action to have LAX shut down permanently as a public nuisance.

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Well, @ least Darryl's Sugar Bares/Nikita's Playroom won't b the only 1 that closed down (U know that LAX ain't gonna last long now, right?) due 2 DUMB SHIT!


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