Monday, June 30, 2008

Adult Entertainment Hit Hard by Gas Prices...


Times r tough!!

Gas prices r OUT OF FUCKIN' CONTROL!!!

I don't know how much more I can take this shit!!

The dancers aren't tippin' like they usually do, the customers aren't tippin' like they usually do, the bartenders... well, I get my point.


This lil' tidbit is about how these high-ass gas prices & the "downturn in the economy" (2 put it mildly) has impacted strip clubs.

Not just around here, but around The U.S. of A.

Read on pervs...


Adult Entertainment Hit Hard by Gas Prices

--First Coast News

JACKSONVILLE, FL-- The rising prices of gas, food and travel are having a major effect on the entertainment industry on the First Coast.

The typical lunch crowd at Sinsations has dwindled to two just guys and a couple of sandwiches. It's the same story at gentlemen's clubs all across the First Coast.

"People just don't have the money to go out, they don't have the money to buy a drink, they certainly don't have the money to spend on an entertainer," said the manager of Emperor's Gentlemen's Club Joe Serafini. Serafini says he has been forced to lay off staff, reduce prices and limit hours to turn a profit. Managers at Sinsations say their income has dropped by roughly 35% in recent months.

"I have to go to other places to try to make the money," said an exotic dancer known as Storm.

"[I've gone from] about a grand a week, down to a couple hundred," Storm added.

"The more they work, the more money they can make," said Serafini.

"Now they're making less money per hour because the gentlemen have less disposable income to give to them," Serafini added.

Although many customers have likely received an economic stimulus refund from the federal government, Serafini says that money is not being spent in his club.

"I want to make my money just like everybody else," said Storm.

She's also spending more money to dance at Sinsations. Club managers are charging dancers $35 per song, compared to $25 several months ago.

Several managers say it will take a significant amount of time to make up for the recent losses.


2 much damn $$$ 4 something that comes out of the ground!!

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