Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Most Women Aren't Turned On by Hardcore; no matter how much those "adult video" mags claim...

Well, I can certainly understand this...

W/ all of the derogatory porn out there degrading women, well, it'salot like a woman loving "gangsta rap," it's negative as Hell to the females.

Check it...


Most Women Aren't Turned On by Hardcore; no matter how much those "adult video" mags claim

[Blog Critics]- Fact is most women aren't turned on by the hardcore stuff you see on pay-per-view and the Playboy channel. It's just a little too over-the-top for most women. For this reason a lot of men think women don't like watching sex movies. Nothing could be further from the truth — women just have slightly different tastes. The hardcore stuff may work for the guys, but chances are it'll do little or nothing for her. She most likely wants something with a little more warm-up time and some intellectual stimulation, with a little slow seduction mixed in. And I think most guys will agree that it's well worth the extra time to get their partner as revved up as they are. So how about finding some hot, steamy, sexy movies that will get you both excited and ready for a memorable night of hot, passionate, sexual adventure?

There are quite a few options in the erotic thriller category, many of which are truly good quality movies that include a real plot and real characters with depth — the kind you can actually relate to.An erotic thriller should have the key ingredients to get you both going in the right direction: sexual attraction and lust, a little danger and excitement, sexual intrigue or forbidden passions, and slow seduction.Here are some recommended erotic thrillers:* 9 1/2 Weeks* Another 9 1/2 Weeks* Wild Orchid* Basic Instinct* Sliver (Unrated Edition)* Two Moon Junction Start with these and see what happens. Get a couple of these and plan to stay in for a hot movie date with your partner. See how you two feel when things start to get hot; and guys, when you start to get really excited, wait another 15 minutes to give her time to catch up...


Is anyone REALLY surprised?

W/ all of the double anal, double vag, & face-fuckin' a girl until she pukes, is it any wonder that women r turned off?

I'm a man & I'M turned off by that type of porn-bullshit.

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