Tuesday, February 13, 2007

BBBJ & STDs...

A big ? guys ask is:

Can u get a STD from BBBJ?

The answer:

Unless u have a cut or lesion on your jimmy & the person playin' your "skin flute" has cuts in their mouth or sores around their mouth, then NO, u won't catch anything.

Or the odds of u catching anything would b greater than u winning the lottery & gettin' stuck by lightning...

...on the same day.

& YES, that includes HIV!


Anonymous said...

uh, no

Anonymous said...

Yes you can. HPV is easily spread. Herpes is easily spread. A recent increase in oral cancer in men is from HPV infections of the throat from going down on women.

Basically, if it an infection can live in a vagina, it can live in the mouth or the anus. If you can get an infection from sticking your dick in a vagina, you can also get it from sticking it in a mouth or anus