Thursday, August 17, 2006

A lil' birdy told me...

...that ALE (Alcohol Law Enforcement) ran up in a certain strip club last week like they were "da man." (NOTHING happened & there were NO violations.)

I also heard that SOME of the White ALE officers (there were 6 of them) were acting like jerks (2 b nice about it.) & the Black ALE officers (there were only 2) were cool & respectful. (As far as full disclosure, this is second-hand info, so I don't know how they acted.)

Could it b a racial thing since the majority of patrons @ this particular strip club r Black?

Supposedly, they were @ ALL the bars in Downtown G'boro.

If they were, I HIGHLY doubt that some of them would act disrespectful to the establishments on Elm St. because that wouldn't b good 4 downtown... would it?

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