Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Can't a couple of guys get a beer @ a strip club?

It seems that a couple of local bloggers went 2 a strip club in Downtown G'boro & people r givin' them grief about it.

2 those people I humbly say this:


How dare u bring their kids up in2 the conversation just because he had a fuckin' beer @ a strip club??


U idiots always talk about how u r so "morally superior" 2 everybody w/o even setting foot in a strip joint!

U don't know any of the girls like I do, ya asses!

Believe me, I know the stuff that goes on in some of the strip clubs, both the good, the bad, & the fuckin' ugly, but 4 u 2 sound like u r better than everyone else & that the girls r being held against their will or "trapped" is TOTAL BULLSHIT!

Some dancers make good decisions and some make some really fucked up 1's.

I've seen it all!

Now I've written ALOT of shit about dancers & such, but @ least I know that there's no White Slavery goin' on like the Asian massage parlors that G'boro had, or all of these damn Mexican whorehouses that sell women 4 $25.oo & a beer that pop up 2day!

Get w/ the REAL ISSUES!!

2 grown-ass men drinking a beer in a strip club IS NOT the end of the fuckin' world!



Big Ben said...

I like strip clubs but I think a stripper stole my camera!

Zartan said...

Ouch! U gotta keep your mind on your pockets AND your lapdance! Sorry it happened.


Blogger said...

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