Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Another Porner (Dyanna Lauren) is making a comeback...

This is even MORE interesting...

Dyanna Lauren , a 44-year old ex (now current) porner is making a porno comeback after 10 years.


I know the economy sucks, but DAMN!

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Dyanna Lauren wants you to know how much money she has.



Dyanna Lauren is making a comeback after being away for ten years. She says she’s not doing this for the money because everyone knows who she was once married to. She just enjoys having sex. While all the other former porn stars are only coming back because they desperately need the money, Dyanna wants you all to know she married a wealthy man who pays her bills and she’s not doing this to make a car payment.

In 2007, Dyanna became the CEO and spokesperson of Ninn Worx_SR. Her husband John Gray let Dyanna play with her new toy so she wouldn’t divorce him. Her sugardaddy still ran the company but gave her this so-called power so a divorce wouldn’t cost him even more money. The company once belonged to Michael Ninn before Dyanna’s now ex-husband stole it from him. Gray owns Ninn Worx and even owns Michael Ninn’s name that he also stole. Michael Ninn is now known as IMNINN.

Several contract girls had left because of how badly they were being treated. Lukeford.com had reported back in April of last year how Gray never liked the idea of paying contract girls more than they were worth. Gray didn’t treat the girls well and many later left. Gray also seems to feel that lighting and music are more of a priority than his performers. He is also a pimp.

Dyanna and John had been on the verge of divorce many times. But it had been reported that Dyanna would get the company if she stayed married to Gray. Now after screwing Michael Ninn, the contract girls, and all their employees, Dyanna is now divorced from Gray and sitting pretty on other people’s money. She’s not coming back to performing because she has to. She’s coming back because it’s fun and she loves to screw people over in more ways than one.


Damn, she's even doing interracial! Now I KNOW she needs the $$$! LOL!

Dyanna Lauren now...

Would u hit that now?

I'm sorry, but if she REALLY has $$$ like that, then why doesn't she make her OWN PORNO on her OWN WEBSITE instead of working 4 some1 else?

& if she's really rich, then why have an agency like "A-List Talent" find work 4 u?

I think she's full of shit & didn't get hardly anything in the divorce settlement.

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